Our mission is to offer consultancy services for all types of property by a professional team of specialists focused on real estate in Turkey. Our company helps you make the right decision for your business, providing you with detailed analysis and financial feasibility studies, managing your contracts and title deeds, and verifying all legal procedures and necessary documents in real estate investment. Our team will present you with the most attractive investment opportunities and  help you pick the one that will work the best for you so that you can have the highest return for your investment.


    Buying a property is not a hard job to do… However, the buying process requires some legal documentations and procedures, which our company can help you with. We offer all the services you need in terms of managing the sales contract process and the title deed process, covering all legal documents like tax number, bank account, etc.


    Our company also provides free transportation as an extra service to our customers and agents’ customers. We pick up the clients from the airport, take them to their hotel, and move them between the hotel and our projects.

    We also offer services for handling both flight and hotel reservations for the clients. Our company has contacts with many first-class hotels in Turkey and provides the clients with all information needed, such as hotels’ names, photos, and detailed information.


    Buying a property online from your home country is our premium service for our customers with tight schedule. Our customers can issue power of attorney to Nevita`s legal team and we can finish all the procedures on customer`s behalf. In addition we have online live field visits to all our projects.

    Customers can see all our projects and choose their unit with live videos exactly as if they are in Turkey.


    Nevita offers additional services such as property rental services where our company can offer you an investment opportunity to rent your property by finding the perfect tenant for you. We also help you with all necessary documents and follow up all procedures required for renting process step by step.


    – We are offering free citizenship consultation to our customers.
    – Nevita’s Legal department are finishing the citizenship procedures on behalf of our customers.
    – We are offering full guidance starting from the application until our customers receive their Turkish passport.



    As our job always focuses on the client’s satisfaction, we make sure that our luxurious properties are furnished by the most qualified interior designers and their vision meets our clients’ desires.

    Nevita offers you planning and design services, which make your property more comfortable and efficient. To make sure that everything goes perfectly, our company also works with professional designers, architects, and space planners who will do their best to meet your needs and desires.


    The electronic payment system has grown increasingly over the last decades due to the growing spread of internet-based banking and shopping. Today online payment systems are a must to make shopping and banking more convenient and secure. Our partner Rubikpara offers a very flexible and secure online payment method to our customers.


    Our partner Nevvinn introduces a “Serviced Apartments” concept that transforms every flat into a luxurious and comfortable hotel room and offers concierge services to its guests on top of professional property management services for apartment owners.

    Nevvinn was founded to meet the growing demand for temporary accommodations, offering the perfect alternative to hotels with its conveniently located luxury accommodations. Mainly introduces the “Serviced Apartments” concept that transforms every flat into a luxurious and comfortable hotel room and offers concierge services to its guests. The stylish contemporary apartments feature self-catering kitchens, high-speed wifi, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems and give access to Nevvinn‘s portfolio’s superb facilities including an indoor swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, a gym with fitness classes, a sauna, and a steam room. Our customers can treat themselves to the spacious Nevvinn residences, equipped with only the most modern amenities.

    Nevvinn also provides property management services offering end-to-end expertise and tailor-made approaches for managing the properties of apartment owners in a professional manner and provide the best returns for minimum effort on the investor’s side.


    Investment consultancy refers to the art of providing investors with investment products, advice, and/or planning. An investment consultant analyzes a client’s current financial status and helps the client set reasonable, achievable financial goals. Our partner Parita, which is a portfolio management company, offers its financial expertise to our customers and seeks to maximize the profit of its shareholders.