Olimpa Mall
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Property Features

  • İnternet
  • Television
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Walking track
  • Basketball Courts
  • Mini football field
  • Tennis Courts
  • Child park
  • Gymnastics
  • Car park
  • Security
  • Reception
  • Meeting room
  • Lobby

Olimpa AVM consists of 6 floors, including fast food restaurants, 3D cinema, cafeterias, children’s play areas and mosque, not to mention several of social and cultural activities.

Finally, there is a parking lot with area of 14000 square meters, which has a capacity of 400 vehicles, solving the parking problem.

Prices list:


Sales price 8,100,000 TL

Monthly rent 45,000 TL

Return of Investment 15 years


Sale price 4,800,000 TL

Monthly rent 25,000 TL

Return of Investment of 16 years

Burger King

Sale price 3,840,000 TL

Monthly rent 20,000 TL

Return of Investment of 16 years