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Property Features

  • İnternet
  • Television
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Walking track
  • Basketball Courts
  • Mini football field
  • Tennis Courts
  • Child park
  • Gymnastics
  • Car park
  • Security
  • Reception
  • Meeting room
  • Lobby

Each villa in Evila project provided by several facilities;  Separate indoor swimming pools for women and men, fitness center, sauna, showers and dressing rooms for women and men, walking track, sport areas, social facilities, cafe, and resting areas, a hobby garden and outdoor parking lot of 2 vehicles.

Furthermore, there are two types of residences, 72 flats with type of 3+1 between 160 and 184 m2, and 8 flats with 4+1 type and area of 340 m2, provided with floor gardens ranges from 14 to 72 m2, indoor parking lots, fitness center, hiking trail, sports facilities.

Evila is very close to the subway and highways, third bridge, schools and hospitals. It needs only 10 minutes to Atatürk airport and 17 minutes to Istanbul Airport. This advantage makes the project very attractive opportunity for people.

Prices list:

3+1 Flat residence prices starting from:        10.050.000 TL

4+1 Flat residence prices starting from:        10.150.000 TL