Neighborhood Guide


If you love Başakşehir and you would like to live in a luxurious house, then Başak City will be the perfect option to achieve your dream. Başak City is located in the center of Başakşehir where you can enjoy a very modern life with your family. Our project is surrounded with high-quailty public and private facilites, such as schools, hospitals, universities, parks and shopping centers, so Başak City will make your life easier and more comfortable, ensuring that you enjoy a prestige life which you always dream.

Furthermore, if you are an investor and you would like to own a shop, alongside the houses, there are the Başak City street shops; which are 250 meters from the metro and opposite of the bus station, provides a suitable business environment for you, giving you an opportunity to run your project according to the high standards. Başak City can meet all families’ needs and desires, in which we offer different types of luxurious apartments, starting from 2+1 up to 4+1, so, for example, if you have a large family which consists of 4 children, 4+1 apartment could be a very appropriate for you and your family, while if you are a couple with one child, then 2+1 or 3+1 apartment might be a perfect match to your need.

Not far away from Başak City, there is Olimpa Shopping Center in which you can spend a great time shopping with your family, or you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends in a café. In addition, close to your apartment, there is the largest botanic park in Turkey, which can be a good choice for you to take a rest after hard working at your workplace, enjoying some time with your children away from the daily noises. Moreover, there are two important health facilities called Sağlık Kent (Heath City) and şehir hastanesi (City Hospital) close to Başak City, so, you can ensure that your family can have high-quality health services.

Another advantage makes Başak City a very attractive project is its unique location, which surrounded with very important public transportations. Our project needs less than 30 minutes driving to Istanbul airport, which will be the biggest airport in Turkey and approximately 22 minutes to Ataturk airport, while it is only 250 away from Metro.

Finally, all these advantages, which link to Başak City can provide you a prestigious life with luxury services, and promise you a safe place where you can live with your family happily and comfortably.