Earthquake-resistant building structures in Turkey

Earthquake-resistant building structures in Turkey

A lot of people nowadays are concerned about the earthquakes that recently occurred in Turkey,

In the 24th of January 2020 Elazig province was struck by 6.8 magnitude earthquake and before this Istanbul was also struck by 7 magnitude earthquakes in 26th of September 2019.

As a result of the earthquakes some of the old buildings were affected by small and medium damages but the new buildings specially the new real estate projects that are now more popular in Turkey was not affected at all.

The frequent earthquakes that happens in Turkey urged the big real estate developing companies to build their projects with earthquake resistance structure, the buildings are designed to protect the building from the effect of the earthquakes. The main idea of the earthquake resistance structure is to erect the building during the earthquake with a more flexible technique than the normal old buildings.

This technique prevents the damages of the earthquakes to the minimum by preventing the collapse of the buildings for rare earthquakes while the loss of the functionality should be limited for more frequent ones.

There are several design philosophies for defending the earthquakes but the commonly used one in Turkey is former method that is applied in earthquake resistant structure for new real estate projects, hotels and shopping malls.

They use the more advanced techniques of base isolation and control to defend the earthquakes that might occur with minimum damages.

We as Nevita a company of Fuzul group that developed high end real estate projects in Istanbul are always taking into consideration all the safety procedures and methods in our projects, during the past earthquakes our projects where not affected even by small damages like wall cracks and similar damages. In addition, we always have emergency exits and full instructions to the residents about what to do in case of any emergency.