Bahcesehir Area in Istanbul

Bahcesehir the paradise of Istanbul


Bahcesehir Area Above and beyond beauty…

There are some places that are too good to be true, the colorful life, the greenery, and seemingly blissful landscapes are enough to make your dream.

Dream about a place that is up to the standards that you always wished for

It is the paradise of Istanbul

“Bahcesehir settlement in Istanbul an elegant area where more attention paid to urban planning during its development stage. The area is known as the new modern area where investors and home buyers who are seeking higher lifestyle and investment opportunities always choose.

It became one of the most desirable areas in the European side of Istanbul, Bahcesehir means “garden city“ in the Turkish language, the area is well developed with green areas, parks, and luxurious apartments and villa projects.

The area is only 24 years old, so it is new and elegant, also Bahcesehir is very well planned in terms of infrastructure and services, the roads are big, clean and well organized, The area also has big shopping malls like Akbati mall and a big lake park to fulfill all needed desires for the area residents.

Property in Bahcesehir gives you access to an outstanding lifestyle that is safe and suitable for families at very good prices compared with the old city center.


Where is Bahcesehir located?

When searching for an area to live or invest you need to consider two main points, the first point is how far is it from the main highways and the second point is how promising is the area compared with the surrounded areas, Bahcesehir is located in the western area of the European side of Istanbul, near to Basaksehir area, and it is located directly beside the E-80 highway that connects all areas of Istanbul in addition to connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

The area is near to important landmarks and places, it is 35 minutes away from the new Istanbul airport, 7 minutes from the new canal Istanbul project that will connect the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea, 30 minutes away from Taksim Area and 15 minutes away from Mall of Istanbul.

Transportation in Bahcesehir Area:

One of the main reasons why the area became very popular for a living is the strong transportation network that is provided in this area, if you are living in Bahcesehir you can almost access everywhere in Istanbul easily because it is located on the E-80 Highway that passes through most of the areas in Istanbul and connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul through Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

IETT Istanbul, road network by buses, connects the area with many places like New Istanbul airport, Bakirkoy area, Avcilar area, Taksim, Basaksehir, and many other places.

Metro station project as shown in the below picture is also passing through Bahcesehir area, for example, Mahmutbey metro station will connect the Essenyurt area with Mahmutbey in Bagilar passing through Bahcesehir and many other areas.

Demographics of the Area:

Generally, the social level of the people living in Bahcesehir area is between A and B+ class.

The area is divided into two phases and the total number of residents is 72,692  persons, more than 64% of this population are families, this gives an indication of how safe and calm the area is for living with your family.


Lake Park the hidden paradise of Istanbul:

The Lake Park which is considered the secret paradise of Bahcesehir is considered Turkey’s first and largest artificial lake with total area 26,000 square meters, which gives the area residents a range of peaceful colors and activities like children’s theatre and races in the month of Ramadan and concerts in the long days of summer.

Why invest in Bahcesehir?

All that we mentioned above made the property in Bahcesehir area desirable for home buyers and investors, the area is still considered new with big potential for more new developments and construction projects besides the enhancements that are done by the government from infrastructure, transportation, and entertainment projects on a monthly basis.

A real estate investment rule, you have to pursue investing in the new yet developed areas because it is always under the government`s supervision and care, also for what the new areas achieve from a higher return on investment, as we can see in the below table it shows the price curve in Bahcesehir area comparing the last nine years, the price per m2 increased constantly every year from 1300 TL per m2 till 4300 TL per m2 which means that the price of the property was doubled 3 times.

We consider Bahcesehir area one of the top places that we recommend for our customers, we see the area combining both the high lifestyle and the high return on investment.

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