Nevita management is composed of unique individuals who have deep knowledge and extensive experience, which was built over long years in the field of real estate services. The members of the board have made valuable contributions, which improve our work performance and develop our business, transforming our company to be one of the largest companies in Turkey in real estate.

Each member of our board has a reputable vision, which is based on our company’s distinct values and its excellent performance. Besides, the limitless ambitions of each board member for business expansion also promote the reputation of Fuzul Holding not just locally, but also on the global level to be among the most competitive groups in the whole world.

The accomplishments and the great successes which our group has achieved over the years belong to the enormous efforts made by our board in an attempt to build the company’s high reliability and the customer’s loyalty since the first day of the establishment of Fuzul company.

The commitment to work, the unique leadership, high skills of management, and the superior responsibility they adhere, all these characteristics are associated with our board members, which enable them to meet Fuzul Holding’s high-quality requirements perfectly.