• We believe that investing in real estate is more than a transaction; it is a life-changing experience. Nevita is a Turkey-based real estate investment company that owns, develops, and manages qualified real estate investments. It is a wide-ranging company of Fuzul Group, which has vast experience exceeding 27 years in this field in the domestic market. For several years, the company has been determined to expand into new markets, both domestically and internationally. Now, Nevita has achieved a track record of success within the international market, living up to the high standards in this field.

    Our commitment to serving our customers is our priority which reflects the core values that were put in place 27 years ago by our parent company which constructs, acquires, finances, and manages all kinds of properties. Fuzul Group, well-known in both the domestic and international markets, has an excellent reputation and has the confidence of hundreds of thousands of customers.


    At Nevita Real Estate, we do not only guide you to buy or sell your property; we also adhere to assist you until achieving your targets and exceeding your

    expectations, to meet all your needs including overseeing the purchase process, providing superior returns for your investment, and property management such as re-sales and rental opportunities.


    For Buy-and-Hold real estate investors, we offer a rental property, which you can purchase in order to invest in it, in both short and long term. In other words, we provide you with a great opportunity to make money in the short term in the form of monthly rent collected from tenants, and in the long term in the form of the profits which arise from the appreciation of your property.


    Since Nevita entered the domestic market, we have achieved significant results in the field of real estate services. Now we seek to become a very competitive company in the international market just like we are in the domestic market, in order to have a significant impact on the global environment.

  • Nevita management is composed of unique individuals who have deep knowledge and extensive experience, which was built over long years in the field of real estate services. The members of the board have made valuable contributions, which improve our work performance and develop our business, transforming our company to be one of the largest companies in Turkey in real estate.

    Each member of our board has a reputable vision, which is based on our company’s distinct values and its excellent performance. Besides, the limitless ambitions of each board member for business expansion also promote the reputation of Fuzul Holding not just locally, but also on the global level to be among the most competitive groups in the whole world.

    The accomplishments and the great successes which our group has achieved over the years belong to the enormous efforts made by our board in an attempt to build the company’s high reliability and the customer’s loyalty since the first day of the establishment of Fuzul company.

    The commitment to work, the unique leadership, high skills of management, and the superior responsibility they adhere, all these characteristics are associated with our board members, which enable them to meet Fuzul Holding’s high-quality requirements perfectly.




    Ö. Faruk Akbal carries out his role as ‘Chairman of the Board’ in Nevita with success since 2014 in addition to his roles as ‘Turkey and Jordan Business Council Chairman’ & ‘Middle East Coordination Vice President’ in Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK)  and ‘Chairman of the Board’ in Turkey’s Real Estate International Promotion Association (GIGDER).

    He also contributed to Turkey’s one of the most important business organizations, Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), as a Board Member between 2015 and 2019.

  • While the real estate market might be exposed to many fluctuations over time for some reasons, which could arise from international or domestic issues, Nevita has proved its capacity to be ready for this kind of vulnerable environment, providing our investors with professional consulting and keeping them away from any potential risk.

    Nevita has complete expertise in real estate management. Hence, we always work relentlessly on the clients’ behalf to help them accomplish their real estate investment goals. Additionally, we are maintaining transparency at every stage of the management process.

    Nevita occupies a powerful position in the real estate investment market. It is the company that always measures the success throughout the satisfaction of their clients.

    We are your “go-to source” for any facilities, Houses, Apartment, Villa, Hospital, Condo, Residence, Farm, Hotel, Lands,…etc.

    Through Nevita, Fuzul also adhere to all legal rules, which related to buying and selling processes, according to the Turkish law including all the special regulations of Municipality, TOKİ, and Emlak Konut. In the word Nevita Projects are all guaranteed from the government

    Your satisfaction is Nevita’s top priority, and our aim is to pave the way for your success.

  • Nevita is a real estate developer company with more than 11 projects in different areas in Istanbul, the company serves as a consultant for investors from over 70 different countries to let them find the best real estate investment opportunities.

    Nevita is one of Fuzul Group companies which has strong presence in the Turkish market for more than 27 years, Nevita  is mainly responsible for the marketing and sales operations for the projects that are developed by Fuzul construction company in addition to other projects in Istanbul.

    Nevita has a huge B2B network for more than 1300 real estate company that promotes Nevita projects and work as close partners, in addition to a wide range of direct customer portfolio from more than 70 countries around the world.

    Nevita achieved more than 3% of total foreign sales in Istanbul in 2018, accordingly the target in 2019 is to reach 7% as the company acquired more projects and will constantly acquire more every year.

    The international real estate market has hundreds of competitors, and as we are part of this competition we aim to contribute in this market by offering maximum benefit for our customers and partners.

    Just dream it and let us make it come true…

  • At Nevita, our vision for the future is clear and transparent; we aim to be the first company in Turkey, bringing foreign direct investment FDI to the country domestically, and focusing on the reliability, integrity and innovation.

    Nevita also makes a huge effort in attempt to play a vital role in repositioning Turkey globally, and to be one of the first 5 best companies in the field of investment in real estate and relative services around the whole world. Nevita always seeks a powerful position among the most competitive international companies. Thus, we are fully committed to offer the best services for our current and future customers. Here at Nevita, we pledge to achieve our goals of offering the most outstanding real estate investments with an excellent performance management and planning.

  • “Let’s Build our Dream Together”

    At Nevita, we believe that employees are shaping the future of any company. Hence, we are always willing to hire who has a talented, curious, resourceful, mission-focused, deeper meaning in work, and never afraid to take challenges.

    Here at Nevita, we are the tight-knit team, we encourage each other, we fuel creativity, we participate to our fullest, and we care a lot to demonstrate an ability to grow.

    We believe that parity is vital to our employees’ satisfaction at work, which is reflect our values. Consequently, we take care of our employees’ rights in several ways; the humanitarian and ethical standards are what preserve our unit and accelerated approach support is what ties us together.

    It is clear that Turkey esteems employees and provides entire support for both; foreigners and domestic personnel.

    At Nevita, we pledge to parity estimate for our multinational and multicultural employees; in view of that, we obey to give the employees the entire functional rights, in addition to their rights of having a work permit. You can also look at the link below.

    Ultimately, it is a period of explosive growth; therefore, Nevita provide better job opportunities to thrive those who have a passion for working with cross-functional teams.

    Nevita is not like any normal workplace; Nevita promises to be a family environment in which it impresses its employees by looking beyond the basics, considering their boundaries and respecting their priorities in their private life. Furthermore, as Nevita believes that partnership plays a key role in developing businesses, we are freely open to any long term relationship with shareholders could promote our business.